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In a competitive market, a stunning website is your secret weapon to stand out from the crowd. At Ascent Brands, we create elegant, modern, and trendy website designs that leave a lasting impression. Our team of experts understands the importance of captivating your audience and capturing their attention. Don’t compromise your brand’s website by entrusting it to others. Let us take care of it!

It’s more important than ever to have a digital presence. Get your small business online with our flexible and hassle-free service that works around you.

​We create professional, minimal and clean designs with visual impact. Combining high quality images with meaningful content, our website design will professionalise your business.

We believe in making websites affordable and accessible for small business owners, without the fancy price tags. We are Proud to be Australia’s Most Affordable, Cheapest & High Quality-Based Website Agency Provider. You’re confident with Ascent Brands.

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Who is it for?

At Ascent Website Building, we cater to a diverse range of clients. Whether you need a brand-new website built from scratch or seek to revamp your existing one, we have you covered.

We Work With Every niche

No matter your industry or niche, our experienced web and graphic designers possess the versatility and expertise to craft websites, content or graphics that match your niche!

Our Best Services For Your Success

Website Strategy

Unlock the Potential of Your Website’s Online Presence with Expert Strategy Consultation

Empower Your Brand with a Solid Website Foundation
Planning your website:

Our team works closely with you to develop a customized website strategy that aligns with your goals, target audience, and industry trends.

Competitor research & analysis:

Through meticulous competitor research and analysis, we identify opportunities and craft strategies to help you outshine your competition.

Branding your website: Brand guidelines:

We establish strong brand guidelines to ensure consistency and cohesive branding across your website, delivering a memorable and impactful experience.


With a user-centric approach, we optimize your website's usability and functionality, making it intuitive and easy for visitors to navigate.

Customer Site Journey:

We map out the customer journey on your site, strategically guiding visitors to take desired actions and increasing conversions.

User Experience:

By prioritizing user experience, we create seamless and delightful interactions, leaving a lasting positive impression on your visitors.

Website Designing & Building

Transforming Vision into Reality: Unleash the Potential of Exceptional Web Design

Where Creativity Meets Functionality

Draft website structure & layout design:

Our talented designers create a draft website structure and layout design that captures the essence of your brand while ensuring optimal user experience.

Collect photography/graphic images (for commercial license use):

We curate captivating photography and graphic images, licensed for commercial use, to enhance the visual appeal and impact of your website.

Build and develop the website:

Our skilled developers bring your design to life, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring seamless functionality across all devices.

Feedback & Revision:

We value your input and offer a collaborative approach. Through continuous feedback and revision, we refine your website until it exceeds your expectations.

Landing & Funnel Page Designing & Building

Convert Visitors into Customers: Craft Dynamic Landing & Funnel Pages

Streamline Your Sales Process with Persuasive Design

Competitor research & analysis:

Our team conducts thorough research and analysis of your competitors to identify key conversion opportunities, allowing us to design landing and funnel pages that outperform the competition.

Draft page structure & layout design:

We create compelling draft page structures and layout designs, tailored to maximize conversions and engage your target audience.

Collect photography/graphic images (for commercial license use):

We select captivating photography and graphic images, licensed for commercial use, to create visually stunning landing and funnel pages that make an impact.

Build and develop the Landing & Funnel Pages:

Our skilled developers bring your landing and funnel pages to life, ensuring seamless functionality and an optimized user journey.

Feedback & Revision:

We value your feedback throughout the design and development process, offering revisions to refine your landing and funnel pages until they meet and exceed your expectations.

Website Copywriting Compelling
Content that Drives Results

Compelling Content Writing Services to Elevate Your Website

Engage and Convert with Expertly Crafted Website Content

At Ascent Brands, we understand the power of impactful and persuasive content in driving website success. Our team of experienced content writers is here to assist you in creating captivating content that resonates with your target audience. Whether you need content for your homepage, product pages, blogs, or landing pages, we've got you covered.

Our comprehensive website content writing services include:

Captivating Copy for Landing Pages, Funnels, and Sales Success

Words that Captivate, Persuade, and Convert

At Ascent Brands, we go beyond standard content writing for websites to provide you with a complete suite of services designed to maximize your conversions and sales. Our expert team of content writers excels in crafting persuasive and high-converting copy for landing pages, funnels, sales scripts, and sales pages.

Landing Pages and Funnels:

We understand the critical role that landing pages and funnels play in guiding your audience through the conversion journey. Our skilled content writers will collaborate with you to create landing page copy that captures attention, conveys your unique selling proposition, and compels visitors to take action. From headline to call-to-action, we'll ensure every element is optimized to maximize conversions.

Sales Scripts:

Engage your prospects and close deals with confidence using our professionally crafted sales scripts. Our writers will develop persuasive and impactful scripts tailored to your specific sales process, ensuring that you have the right words to connect with your audience, address their pain points, and drive them towards a purchase decision.

Sales Page Copywriting:

Your sales page is the final destination in the buyer's journey. We'll help you make a lasting impression with compelling sales page copy that highlights the benefits of your products or services, overcomes objections, and creates a sense of urgency. Our goal is to drive conversions and boost your sales revenue.

With our content writing expertise for landing and funnel pages, as well as sales scripts and sales page copywriting, we’ll empower your business to engage your audience, nurture leads, and close sales successfully.

Boost your website’s impact with compelling content. Our expert team will elevate your landing pages, funnels, and sales efforts with persuasive and high-converting copy. Contact us today to discuss your content writing needs and unlock the full potential of your online presence.

Website SEO Optimisation

Unleash the Power of SEO Optimization to Drive Traffic and Boost Your Website's Visibility

Dominate Search Engine Rankings with our Website and SEO Optimization Services

As your trusted website provider, we offer comprehensive website creation packages that go beyond just design and development. We understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in today's competitive digital landscape. That's why all our packages include robust SEO optimization services, ensuring your website stands out from the crowd and attracts your target audience.

Boost Your Online Visibility with SEO-Optimized Website Content

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Ready to launch a website that not only looks stunning but also ranks at the top of search engine results? Choose our comprehensive website creation packages and unlock the power of SEO optimization. Contact us today to get started and let us help you build an online presence that drives traffic, engages your audience, and accelerates your business growth.

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